It was previously reported that Nikki Bella’s in-ring career is winding down and WrestleMania 33 could possibly be her last match, however that’s not exactly the case.

Nikki recently started to work a full-time schedule, but is now having difficulties because her body can not hold to the combination of travel and in-ring work. Nikki has been experiencing pain from her neck that has caused numbness to one side of her body as a result. Basically this is her body telling her that a full-time schedule is not possible.

Nikki Bella missed Live Events because of numbness, so the company shot an injury angle on Talking Smack this past week. Nikki is hopeful that she can take time off to heal and come back to wrestle only at major events.

With Nikki’s contract set to expire in the next couple of months, she is expected to negotiate a new deal that will see her working a much lighter schedule. Possibly only big matches and no non-television Live Events. The belief is Nikki will still have a job with the company even after she is unable to compete inside the ring


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